When you have a chronic illness such as diabetes, you need the right supplies to help you manage it. Fortunately, the internet makes it easy to find exactly what you need. Even better, you can have products delivered directly to your door, eliminating the inconvenience and gas usage of heading to a pharmacy.

However, since you won’t be able to inspect the items before shipment, it’s important that you order from trusted suppliers, such as MedEnvios Healthcare. To help you choose the best medical supplies for your needs, we’ve compiled this handy guide to buying diabetes products online.

The Importance of Reliable Diabetes Care Products

Knowing your blood sugar level is crucial to managing your diabetes. As a result, you need a glucose meter that’s quick, efficient, easy to use, and, above all, accurate.

For the most part, modern glucose meters are portable and relatively easy for patients to use on their own. There are many different brands and models, each with its own benefits. Some are designed to use only a drop of blood, minimizing the pain associated with lancets. Others have special software that can record your levels over time, allowing you to identify patterns and head off spikes and drops before they cause problems.

With so many options, it’s essential that you find the right meter for your needs. That’s why MedEnvios Healthcare provides thorough information on all our offered products.

Diabetes Products We Offer

Our website makes it easy to find the exact supplies you need with minimal effort. On the shipping end, our home delivery system ensures that you receive products in a timely manner so you never have to worry about running low.

Additionally, we accept both private insurance and Medicare so you may not have to pay out of pocket for your critical medical supplies. As a licensed and accredited medical supplier, we understand how vital these items are to managing diabetes, which is why we offer the highest quality customer care to remedy issues and answer questions. We’re happy to review any of our offered supplies with patients.

Contour Next

This glucose meter is all about offering the simplest experience for the user. The screen provides step-by-step instructions to ensure you’re performing the test perfectly. For ease-of-use, you can select one of 14 languages, including Spanish and English, enabling patients from all walks of life to confidently utilize this equipment.

Additionally, this meter automatically codes itself, eliminating a step that can result in human error. This not only increases accuracy but also means faster results. Finally, the Contour Next allows users to add more blood to the testing strip if the first test was inconclusive. This saves the time of loading another strip and means less waste.

OneTouch Ultra 2

If you’re in search of the fastest glucose meter, you should consider LifeScan’s OneTouch Ultra 2. In just 5 seconds, you can see the impact of your latest meal on your blood sugar. After all, the faster you know your levels, the faster you can act if something’s off.

The OneTouch Ultra 2 also allows you to test using alternate sites. Frequent testing can lead to sore fingertips, which can pose a problem if you work with your hands or spend hours typing. The alternate site testing allows you to take blood samples from different areas so no one location bears the full brunt. Additionally, this glucose meter requires only 1 microliter to generate a result, meaning less pain per test.

OneTouch Verio IQ

Managing your diabetes means testing your glucose levels throughout the day, no matter where you go. The OneTouch Verio IQ from LifeScan is one of the smaller models we offer, making it incredibly portable. Now you can go out to dinner or on a day trip without worrying about how to carry your glucose meter.

In addition to being small, this meter is also minimalist in the sample department; you can get an accurate reading with just 0.4 microliters. Couple that with a processing time of only 5 seconds and you get one of the quickest and most convenient meters on the market.

Freestyle Lite

Abbott’s Freestyle Lite is designed to help patients manage their diabetes without interfering with daily life. Testing takes only 5 seconds and requires a tiny sample, allowing you to get results without the inconvenience. Additionally, there’s no coding necessary, increasing the accuracy and decreasing processing time.

For even more convenience, this meter has a test strip portlight, allowing you to test even in the dark. The backlit display lets you see the results no matter the lighting conditions and the large numerals ensure that you never misread. Finally, the small size makes the device easily portable; it can easily be stowed in a pocket or purse.

True Metrix

An integral part of managing a chronic illness is identifying symptom patterns. The True Metrix glucose meter from Trivida Health helps patients see patterns by storing test data with event tags, allowing you to detect repeated spikes or dips in your blood sugar. Additionally, it can generate averages for a month, two weeks, and one week, helping you to get a better picture of your overall health. There’s room for up to 500 results in its memory, allowing you to track levels long-term.

CareSens N Voice

Individuals with visual impairment may struggle to read results on glucose meters, even if the screen is large. Fortunately, the CareSens N Voice provides audio instructions delivered through a speaker, allowing anyone to follow the testing procedure with ease. In fact, this meter can produce an audio reading of the following:

  • Results
  • Dates and times
  • Menus
  • Settings
  • Averages

Additionally, this device can calculate averages for 90, 30, 14, seven, and one day to provide a fuller understanding of your blood sugar levels. The CareSens N Voice also minimizes pain by accepting alternate site testing.

Accu-Check Aviva Plus

The team at Roche knows that a glucose meter is useless if it isn’t accurate, which is why they’ve created a device that’s sure to deliver accurate results no matter the situation. The Accu-Check Aviva Plus ensures results are reliable with over 150 system integrity checks, all without slowing down the testing process. In fact, it only takes 5 seconds to get your results and a mere 0.6-microliter sample to fill a strip.

When you need diabetes products, MedEnvios Healthcare is the place to go. You can easily order supplies on our website and have it delivered directly to your home. For more information or to order products, visit us online or call us at 1-800-489-1625.

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