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An official contracted Medicare provider for diabetics

How it works

These five easy steps make it easy and simple for patients to comply with their doctors’ treatment orders, by making sure they always have the prescribed testing and other supplies on hand.

  1. Patients interested in our services call one of our 800 numbers, and speak with one of our courteous, knowledgeable Customer Care representatives. Our team members are familiar with the needs of those who are living with chronic conditions, and provide helpful, detailed information about the services and products MedEnvios offers.
  2. Next, one of our experienced insurance benefits specialists will contact the patient’s insurance company to determine eligibility and product options. With the necessary information in hand, our specialist then will handle–directly with patient’s insurance carrier–all the arrangements needed to get the patient’s program started.
  3. MedEnvios will contact the patient’s medical physician to obtain authorization and a medical prescription. MedEnvios is one of only nine Medicare Competitive Bid winners of diabetic testing supplies, and we also process requests to private insurance carriers, thus ensuring that all patients obtain timely delivery of the supplies they need.
  4. Once MedEnvios receives a medical prescription, we contact the patient to confirm and let them know that everything is in order. We ship the prescribed items discreetly and directly to them in the comfort of their home.
  5. After these initial steps, MedEnvios continues to handle all the paperwork with the patient’s insurance company, so the types and quantities of items their doctor has prescribed are always handy. This reliable access to needed supplies helps them avoid critical care and higher risk categories.