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An official contracted Medicare provider for diabetics

What We Do

MedEnvios Healthcare Inc. is licensed and accredited nationwide as a mail order distributor of diabetic testing supplies and urinary supplies. We are dedicated to providing exceptionally reliable, timely, personal service to our patients across the US and Puerto Rico, empowering them to live healthier lives. This commitment to increasing patient self-management has made us a leader in the Hispanic communities.

We service Medicare beneficiaries, as well as people with private insurance plans, as a direct-to-consumer provider of high quality medical supplies including:

  • Diabetic testing supplies (glucose monitoring systems, testing strips, and lancets)
  • Insulin supplies (syringes, pen needles. and alcohol pads)
  • Urinary catheters (intermitted catheters) for patients suffering from urinary retention

Our specialized Customer Care team helps patients achieve active, healthy lifestyles by educating them on ways to properly manage their diabetes and urinary retention. As a courtesy, we provide a product orientation call to each patient to make sure they understand how to use their diabetic testing supplies and urinary supplies effectively.

Our free home delivery program makes it easy and simple for patients to comply with their doctor’s treatment orders by ensuring that they always have sufficient quantities of testing supplies on hand. To do this, our Customer Service Department provides extended hours from 9 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday, and offers assistance and service in English and Spanish.