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An official contracted Medicare provider for diabetics

Why Home Delivery

Home delivery is convenient and cost-effective. Our patients can have their prescribed medical supplies delivered to their homes free of charge, and with no effort on their part. Our home delivery programs make it easy for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes and urinary retention to comply with their doctors’ treatment orders.

Our free home delivery program saves patients time and money by ensuring that they always have sufficient quantities of glucose testing and other supplies on hand. Patients can order their next shipment and eliminate the bother of a trip to the pharmacy – a great convenience and a comfort for them and their loved ones.

Our Customer Care specialists—who all are fully bilingual in English and Spanish—call with friendly refill reminders, and assist with product orientation as well as trouble-shooting. Over our 13-plus years in this field, MedEnvios has established an excellent reputation with our patients, their physicians, and our suppliers. We carry all the major brands of catheters and urinary supplies that exist in the market today, as well as the top monitoring meters. All the products we offer are the highest quality available, and timely service is guaranteed.