About Us

MedEnvios HealthCare

An official contracted Medicare
provider for diabetics

MedEnvíos Healthcare Inc. is a licensed and accredited nationwide mail-order distributor. MedEnvíos Healthcare is a provider of direct-to-consumer medical supplies such as diabetic testing supplies, Insulin supplies, and urinary catheters. MedEnvíos’ mission is to increase our members’ self-management by providing reliable and timely service in the US including Puerto Rico. Our specialized staff focuses on helping members achieve active and healthy lifestyles by educating our members on properly managing their diabetes and urinary retention. We service all Medicare Beneficiaries and private insurances.

Our highly-trained customer service agents are committed to giving you exceptional care and the best personal service. MedEnvios provides a wide range of medical supplies and services including:

  • Diabetic Supplies. All the tools you need to monitor your sugar, from testing strips to monitors and more.
  • Insulin Pumps / CGM MedEnvios provides a variety of insulin pumps, supplies, and the latest continuous glucose monitoring devices to help you reach and manage your goals. A diabetes management system that will give you precision, flexibility, and freedom.
  • Catheters – we provide the widest selection of your urinary catheters for all lifestyles.

Why Choose Us

  • MedEnvios is accredited and approved by Medicare, American Association for Homecare, Board of Certification, Better Business Bureau and the HealthcareAdministration.
  • We are a trusted provider for more than 13 years in the mail order direct to patient services and a leader in the Industry.
  • MedEnvios Healthcare maintains all patient personal health information strictly confidential and complies with HIPAA regulations.
  • We offer the top meter brands, including CareSens N Voice ( the talking meter), One Touch Ultra , Accu-Check Aviva, and more.
  • MedEnvios carries all the major brands of catheters and urinary supplies that exist in the market today.
  • Members enjoy free home delivery service, friendly refill reminders, a dedicated customer care team to assist with product orientation and product trouble-shooting.
  • Our Customer service department provides extended hours from 9am to 8pm, Monday thru Friday and are fully bilingual in both English and Spanish.

Our Mission

MedEnvios Healthcare is committed to becoming the leading provider of Diabetic supplies and related products on a direct consumer basis. We are devoted to providing exemplary, reliable and timely service to all Diabetic patients; while empowering them to live healthier lives.


Our Primary objective is to provide the highest quality of service to all patients that enroll in our program. Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those diabetic patients that seek and rely on our service.


Our commitment to excellence is to provide the highest professional, ethical and best practice standards. The outcome of our services is driven by the best principle of our excellence.

Why Home Delivery?

MedEnvios makes it possible for all members to receive all their diabetic testing supplies in the comfort of their home. Over the past 10 years we have established a good reputation with our members and suppliers. We offer products of the highest quality and guaranteed delivery. MedEnvios is a Medicare provider nationwide and is insured and accredited by B.O.C.

Our home delivery programs make it easy and simple for people to comply with their doctors’ prescriptions by ensuring that they have sufficient quantities of testing supplies on hand

What We Do?

Our home delivery program makes it easy and simple for members to comply with their doctor’s treatment orders by ensuring that they have sufficient quantities of testing supplies on hand.

We provide a courtesy product orientation call to ensure members understand the usage of their diabetic testing supplies.

Our specialized customer service agents provide follow-up reminder calls and text messages ensuring members always have enough supplies on hand to manage their diabetes and urinary retention.

Our Customer service department provides extended hours from 9am to 8pm, Monday thru Friday for assistance and services in English and Spanish for all our members.

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How it Works

These five easy steps make it easy and simple for memebers to follow their doctors’ prescription by ensuring they always have all the prescribed testing supplies on hand.

  1. Members interested in our services call our 800 number, and speak with one of our trained customer care representative. Our team members are familiar with the needs of those who are living with chronic conditions, and provide helpful, detailed information about the services and products MedEnvios offers.
  2. Next, one of our experienced insurance benefits specialists will contact the member’s insurance company to determine eligibility and product options. Our specialist will deal–directly with member’s insurance and make all the arrangements to get the member’s program started.
  3. MedEnvios will contact the members’s medical physician to obtain authorization and a medical prescription. MedEnvios is one of only nine Medicare Competitive Bid winners of diabetic testing supplies. We also service and process requests to private insurance carriers.
  4. Once MedEnvios receives a medical prescription, we contact the member to confirm and let them know that everything is in process. We ship the prescribed items discreetly and directly to them in the comfort of their home.
  5. After these initial steps, MedEnvios continues to handle all the paperwork with the member’s insurance company, so the types and quantities of items their doctor has prescribed are always handy. This reliable access to needed supplies helps them avoid critical care and higher risk categories. MedEnvios always make sure that our members are satisfied by providing them an orientation on how to use their diabetic supplies.

MedEnvíos is an insured company, established and accredited at the national level by the Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC).Our company complies with all CMS / Medicare quality standards, assuring patients that MedEnvios is managing the services it provides at a very high level.

The Association is the voice for homecare in Washington. The AAHomecare lobbies Congress, the Administration, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and other agencies to make sure Medicare and other federal programs do not unfairly burden homecare or create an unfavorable business environment.