What Diabetes Supplies Do I Need? Here are Some Buying Tips.

Keep your blood glucose under control with diabetes supplies and testing products. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or lived with this condition for a lifetime, explore better ways to monitor your blood glucose by shopping for diabetic supplies online. At MedEnvios Healthcare, we strive to give you the answers you need to buy and use these helpful supplies to manage your diabetes.

A key way to manage your diabetes and control your blood sugar is through blood glucose monitoring. There are many diabetic supplies that assist with this process, so talk to your doctor about the best option for your particular type of diabetes and situation. 

Here are some common supplies that help you stay up to date with your condition:

  • Blood glucose meter
  • Test strips
  • Glucose tablets
  • Urine test for type 1 diabetes ketone measurement
  • Emergency bracelet
  • Lancets for taking samples

These items, particularly a glucose meter, help you stay in charge of your diabetes. Monitoring your glucose is the first step to keeping your blood sugar levels under control. Find out how to use these helpful meters and where to turn for affordable meters and other products.

Many of these products are covered by Medicare. If you have diabetes, are covered by Medicare, and need a safe, effective way to keep track of your blood sugar, explore the ways that a glucose monitor can assist you.

How Do I Test Blood Glucose at Home?

The most important time to check your levels is in the morning. Test your blood sugar before you eat every morning to make sure it’s within a safe limit. Always discuss ideal testing with your diabetes educator or doctor to be sure you’re testing at the correct times and achieving for the correct levels. Testing too often or not often enough could increase your risk of dangerous blood sugar levels.

Some individuals with diabetes should test their levels multiple times a day. Ask your doctor if it’s advisable to test before and after every meal and before bedtime. These times are recommended to avoid spikes and drops in your blood sugar. If you have a history of uncontrolled blood glucose levels then frequent monitoring can help prevent a serious incident.

Frequent monitoring is made easy with a convenient meter. Explore the many meter options available and find out how they work to safely and comfortably test your blood sugar levels. Discuss the meter options with a qualified diabetes educator to determine the best way to test your blood glucose level at home. With the right tools, it’s easier than ever to understand how your blood glucose level is affected by your daily activities.

How Do Glucose Meters Work?

Modern meters are surprisingly user friendly and accurate. Most meters use a pin-prick on your fingertip to test your levels. Always consult your owner’s booklet before using a glucose meter. First, wash your hands thoroughly before testing your blood glucose levels. While the prick is small, there is a chance of infection if your hands aren’t properly washed.

You must prick your finger with a lancing device. Be sure a lancing device is included with your glucose meter. Place a new, sterile lancet in your lancing device every time before use. Always use a lancet designed specifically for your lancing device and never reuse or share a lancet to stay safe. Unsafe lancet use may increase the risk of infection or limit the effectiveness of the test.

Place a new test strip in your meter. Use a strip designed specifically for your device. Once the meter is ready, place the lancing tool against your finger and prick it. Apply a small amount of blood on the test strip and wait for a reading. Some meters allow you to preset the ideal levels, while others simply display the levels of your current reading.

Compare glucose meters to find one that offers the most accurate results for your testing needs. Some devices are designed to be compact and easy to use, while others come with a wide range of features. Enjoy seven-day average and easy-to-read screens for hassle-free testing. A small meter typically has a small screen, which is more difficult to read. Anyone with poor vision should have a large, well-lit display to avoid any errors in testing.

Some meters also require more blood than others. If a young child or senior citizen needs to test their levels, higher amounts of blood per test can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Compare the amount of blood needed for each test before selecting a meter.

What Are Helpful Reminders To Use Diabetic Supplies?

Like your diet, emotions, and exercise routine changes from day to day and hour to hour, it’s important to keep track of your glucose levels. Don’t let a sudden spike catch you by surprise. Use these tips to help manage your diabetes.

Because the most common time to test your blood sugar is in the morning, find a way to connect this daily activity with other routines. Store your meter near your toothbrush or other items you use every morning to keep yourself accountable. Use your smartphone or another device to set daily reminders and alarms to perform a test. This helps you remember when to test your levels even if your daily routine changes.

Where Can I Find Diabetic Supplies Online?

Glucose meters are widely available, so it’s never been easier to find one for your needs. The price, accuracy, and features of glucose meters can vary, so it’s important to shop carefully for the right meter for your situation. At MedEnvios Healthcare, we offer quality glucose monitoring supplies that are covered by Medicare. 

Browse our testing supplies today to discover how you can take control of your blood glucose levels and prevent a dangerous spike or drop.


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